© Jan Boettinger

© Jan Boettinger

Welcome to the International Simulation and Gaming Association's conference 2025

The 56th ISAGA Conference will take place from July 15-18, 2025
at Centre for Management Simulation in Stuttgart, Germany

Founded in the seventies, ISAGA is one of the oldest communities of people involved in the domain of gaming and simulation. Its members cover a vast knowledge and tradition in developing and using simulation, gaming, and related methods. Today, the community brings together researchers and practitioners from the fields of management, social and environmental sciences, education, planning, and technical sciences. They study the design, facilitation, and debriefing methods as well as evaluation protocols of gaming/simulation. 

Join us at the Stuttgart conference for dynamic discussions and fresh insights on this fascinating topic!


We are "Shaping the Future" through Simulation & Gaming

In a world where uncertainty looms large, simulation and gaming provide us with powerful tools to explore, experiment, and envision the future. Whether it’s modeling the impact of climate change, predicting market trends, or designing urban landscapes, simulation and gaming empower us to shape a better tomorrow. Let’s discuss the opportunities and challenges of “shaping the future” through simulation and gaming.

We are awarding the Global Simulation & Gaming Award

Hosting the ISAGA 2025 conference in Stuttgart, ZMS together with ISAGA decided to launch a global competition with an award cermony. The Global Simulation & Gaming Award acknowledges and honours outstanding academic theses within the broad spectrum of Simulation and Gaming. Up to three prizes will be awarded for final theses and a special prize will be awarded for dissertations.



ISAGA Conference meets EUPF

The European Simulation And Gaming Forum (EUPF)  is one of the largest simulation game conferences in Europe for the German-speaking community, which takes place every two years. In 2025 it will be integrated into the ISAGA Conference: We will therefore bring together the best of two worlds and experience a lot of interaction and discussion with very special event formats at our conference.

We are celebrating 25 Years of SAGSAGA

SAGSAGA celebrates a remarkable milestone — 25 years of advancing simulation and gaming. From its origins to today’s stage, SAGSAGA has fostered creativity and cross-disciplinary exchange.  As part of the ISAGA Conference 2025, we want to look back together on eventful 25 years, raise our glasses and celebrate the anniversary together.